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How AI Works:
From Sorcery to Science

(No Starch Press, 2023)

AI isn’t magic. How AI Works demystifies the explosion of artificial intelligence by explaining—without a single mathematical equation—what happened, when it happened, why it happened, how it happened, and what AI is actually doing "under the hood."


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Upcoming Release

The Art of Randomness: Using Randomized Algorithms in the Real World
(No Starch Press, 2024)

Harness the power of randomness (and Python code) to solve real-world problems in fun, hands-on experiments—from simulating evolution to encrypting messages to making machine-learning algorithms!


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"Practical Deep Learning with Python is the perfect book for someone looking to break into deep learning. This book achieves an ideal balance between explaining prerequisite introductory material and exploring nuanced subtleties of the methods described. The reader will come away with a solid foundational understanding of the content as well as the practical knowledge required to apply the methods to real-world problems. Deep learning will continue to enable many breakthroughs in artificial intelligence applications and this book covers all that is needed to springboard into this exciting field."
—Matt Wilder, Ph.D.,Longtime neural network practitioner and owner of Wilder AI (

Praise & Reviews

"What makes Math for Deep Learning a stand-out, is that it focuses on providing a sufficient mathematical foundation for deep learning, rather than attempting to cover all of deep learning, and introduce the needed math along the way. Those eager to master deep learning are sure to benefit from this foundation-before-house approach."
–Ed Scott, Ph.D., Solutions Architect & IT Enthusiast

“[In Numbers and Computers] Kneusel offers a book for all these audiences, and for anyone who would like to delve deeper into this branch of technology. … This book should be an excellent resource in the classroom. It can serve as a good reference for future use and can also be used very profitably for self-study.”

-Edgar R. Chavez, Computing Reviews


Teasers, News, and Latest Books

Here are a couple pictures from my recent book signing for Strange Code at the Tattered Cover bookstore in Westminster, CO.  It was a lot of fun with a fun crowd.


Ronald T. Kneusel

Author of Deep Learning, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Science Books

(Deep style transfer with Starry Night)

About Ronald T. Kneusel

My infatuation with computers began in 1981 with an Apple II. I've been active in machine learning since 2003, and deep learning since before AlexNet was a thing.

I have a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Colorado, Boulder (deep learning), and an M.S. in physics from Michigan State University. By day, I work in industry building deep learning systems. By night, I type away on my keyboard generating the books you see here. I sincerely hope that if you explore my books, you gain as much enjoyment from them as I had in creating them.

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